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Our Behavioral Health Counselors partner with you to develop a more positive and healthy life.


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Your behavioral health consultant (BHC)

What can I expect at my first visit?

You can expect the BHC to ask you questions about physical problems, emotional concerns, and your behaviors. You can expect your appointments to be about 25-30 minutes and for the BHC to help you better understand your difficulties and develop solutions. You can also expect the BHC to have a close working relationship with your provider. The BHC and your provider will share information so you can all work together as a team.

How is this service different than going to a mental health clinic?

The services provided by the BHC are just another part of your overall healthcare. Your discussions are confidential. Notes from your visits will be in your medical record. At times, other types of services may be needed outside the clinic and we will help you find these.

Where do I see the BHC?

Your behavioral healthcare will be in this clinic - you will not have to go anywhere else to see the behavioral health provider. We also offer telehealth and phone appointments.
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Improve Overall Mood

We help identify natural methods for boosting your mood, as well as treatments to discuss with your PCP if natural methods aren’t fully effective

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Develop Better Sleeping Habits

Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function.

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Improve Your Nutrition

Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can improve your health by keeping a balanced diet.

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Get Physically Active

Being physically active is easier than you think, we help identify ways to make activity part of your daily routine.

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Improve Relationships

We help teach how to communicate with each other more positively and effectively.

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Develop Coping Skills

Coping skills are the mental, emotional, and behavioral tools that allow us to maintain focus and perspective when dealing with difficulties – and the strong feelings those difficulties create.

We have compiled a list of local behavioral health resources for your convenience.

Local Resources

Call 541-782-8304 to schedule your appointment